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Second Chance Animals' Project Good Dog
Project Good Dog is the current prison-dog training program  at North Central Correctional Institution (the prison where Dogs on the Inside took place) and has replaced Don't Throw Us Away. Launched in April of 2015, Project Good Dog pairs behaviorally needy shelter dogs with inmates who provide 24/7 care and training, working with the dogs on socialization, basic obedience, housebreaking and sometimes, a trick or two. Not only beneficial to the dogs, Project Good Dog also is a positive force for the inmates turned handlers who have an opportunity to focus on their future return to community while learning patience, compassion and responsibility along the way. For more information, visit

New Leash On Life USA
New Leash on Life USA is a new generation non-profit prison dog-training program that saves the lives of doomed shelter dogs and gives incarcerated inmates a chance for redemption. New Leash teaches inmates to train and socialize the dogs assigned to live with them 24/7, enabling these rejected animals to become highly desirable for adoption and creating real-world employment opportunities for themselves upon parole. By rescuing each other, both human and canine graduates of the New Leash program can look ahead to a bright and successful future. For more information, visit


Over two million inmates are currently incarcerated, with thousands more at minimum security facilities. Every year, between six to eight million dogs & cats enter animal shelters across the country. With extreme animal overpopulation, lack of shelters and resources, an estimated four million dogs and cats are euthanized annually in the United States. Instead of throwing these human and canine lives away, the creation of a partnership between prisons and shelters gives both inmates and shelter dogs a new lease on life. Prison dog programs are proving that the relationship between inmates and shelter dogs creates empathy, love and compassion; rescuing both human and canine lives which hang in limbo. In this unlikely partnership, homeless dogs gain the love, training and rehabilitation that will make them adoptable, and  inmates become empathetic, gain a sense of responsibility and purpose, allowing them to re-enter society as productive citizens.

Volunteer at Your Local Shelter

Want to be like the real-life heroes who rescue and foster dogs in the movie?  Get involved at your local shelter.  Opportunities abound!  Click the below link to find a shelter near you that needs your help!

Click here to  Find a shelter

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Support local low-cost spay/neuter programs with your time, talent, and money
  • Educate family, friends, and neighbors on the importance of spaying/neutering their companion animals.
  • Join an animal rescue group and help find homes for unwanted dogs and cats.
  • Urge legislators at all levels to support mandatory spay/neuter laws